Friday, September 23, 2011

Our dog Angus

Here is our Scottie dog Angus. I thought I would post a cute picture of him. I am still working on Hannah's blanket and am looking forward to her coming home for the weekend from school :) It has been an odd week where I just felt like things were out of order and we will be doing Friday's school work over the weekend. The house was just getting too messy and we cleaned this morning before we headed out the door for our co-op.  The kids each take 2 classes and I get to sit in the lunchroom chatting with other moms. It is a nice way to finish up our school week. Well, I off to get started on cooking dinner and I am looking forward to the six of us sitting down to the table together. As my dear, wonderful sister Patti would say. Toodles!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A post without Hannah...but Josh had to help me :)

I have been waiting for my Lucy pack yarn to arrive from Wales and also, I was fearing posting with Hannah back at college. But I  followed the directions she left me and had my son Josh help me put the picture in :)  The yarn is beautiful...but the skeins are small, so I have to plan carefully what I will use it for. I love the colors and so many of them, too!
I have been rather sad with my oldest back at school. I think after growing up with 3 sisters I just enjoy having another female that I can relate to, at least in someways, in the house. Our youngest has some special needs and Hannah is such a wonderful help. But she must live her life and right now that means lots of studying and fun a couple hours away at school.
We are also back to home schooling and it is going well, but it really does take a few weeks for us to get our brains back in the school mode.
And then my dear husband is coaching 2 little league teams for fall baseball. Our sons and our 12 year old daughter who is the only girl on the boys team...go Natalie! Well, I hope to post some crocheting soon, which has been on the back burner with all that has been going on. Blessings! Joyce